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National Insurance (NI) Savings

6th April, 2015 National Insurance (NI) Savings From paydays on or after 06th April 2015, no Employers NI is payable on wages for ‘Under 21’s’ up to the Upper Secondary Threshold (UST), which for the Tax … [Read More...]

Statutory Rates and Thresholds

From 06th April 2015, the personal tax allowance increased to £10,600 per annum meaning employees on standard rate tax codes can now earn £204 per week before income tax is due. The threshold for Employers … [Read More...]

Increase to National Minimum Wage Confirmed

17th March, 2015 Increase to National Minimum Wage Confirmed Following the governments acceptance of recommendations made by the Low Pay Commission, National Minimum Wage for over 21’s will increase by 3% … [Read More...]

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